Ninja Who?

Have you heard about the legendary Ninjas who lurk throughout the St. Louis area?  At Think Tank PR, Marketing & Design we like to say that we do Kung Fu Marketing. What does this mean other than kicking your competitor’s you-know-what?

It means we work hard – Ninja hard – to make sure companies stand out from the crowd. We offer a unique approach to the St. Louis Metro area and beyond.

From our boutiquey Ninja headquarters located in historic downtown Glen Carbon, we strategize with precision – incorporating stealth marketing and the ability to kung fu our way through any situation to come up with black-belt award wining strategies. Yeah, that’s right! We help propel our clients to the top of their game. Oh, and we do it with wicked style and unparalleled skill.

We are proud of our ability to do things differently than other more “traditional” marketing firms. We know that creativity comes when a gaggle of Ninjas come together, laugh, have fun, throw ideas down, and use their talents to blow the socks off their clients. (Yep – we said it – BLOW THEIR SOCKS OFF!)

It’s what we Think Tank Ninjas do best. We like to propel, to inspire, to think outside the box….and, well, yeah – we like to scare you….just a little!

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